I counsel clients in ways that are designed to avoid conflict wherever possible. However, in certain circumstances, business and personal disputes are unavoidable.  When these disputes cannot be resolved amicably, I will represent you whether you are starting a lawsuit or defending one. I have been litigating on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants in New York State Courts for over thirty-one years. I have prosecuted and defended matters on behalf of individual and business clients in a variety of different subject areas (including commercial and residential real estate, general contractual issues, collections, business disputes, probate and trusts, torts and employment) from preliminary proceedings, depositions and other discovery all the way through trial. I have tried both jury and non-jury cases and have practiced before the American Arbitration Association. I have also successfully prosecuted and defended appeals in both State and Federal appellate courts. Whether your goal is dispute prevention or dispute resolution, I have the experience to evaluate your case and move toward the best possible result.